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2023 Speakers & Sessions

The Night Photo Summit will run February 3-5.
11 a..m. to 7:15 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. 11 a.m. to 6:00 on Sunday.
There will also be an "after-hours" event Friday and/or Saturday night.

Albert Dros

"Cities Come to Life After Sunset"

Joseph DePasquale

"Unveiling the Infrared Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope"

Rachel Jones Ross

"A Field Guide to Photographing the Northern Lights"

Rafael Pons

"Moon Photography Planning (from Beginner to Pro)"

Alyn Wallace

"Night Sky Wonders"

Susan Magnano

"Spark your Creativity with Luminescent Portraits"

John Paul Caponigro

"Naked Eye, Camera Eye, Mind’s Eye"

Gabriel Biderman

"9 Parks at Night"

Michael Frye

"Reducing Noise with Star-Stacking"

Ken Lee

"Behind The Book: My Path to Publishing a Monograph"

Russell Preston Brown

"New Developments in Mobile Night Photography"

Sherry Pincus

"Staying Safe in the Wilderness at Night"

Royce Bair

"Starlight Blends"

Forest Chaput

"Choosing a Telescope (and Other Equipment) for Deep Sky Astrophotography"

Kevin Adams

"365 Nights: A Year of Inspiration"

Matt Hill

"Color Management for Night Photographers"

Sandra Ramos

"How to Keep Your Instagram Account from Being Hacked"

Elia Locardi


Tim Cooper

"5 Photoshop Techniques for Night Photography"

Phill Monson

"How to Put Nature First as Creators"

David Zapatka

"USA Stars and Lights: A Lighthouse Project"

Dirk Ercken

"Light Painting from Within the Scene"

Lance Keimig

"Know Your Options: Decisions That Lead to Your Best Images"

Noel Thomas

"Astro Time-Lapse Techniques"

Chris Nicholson

"Photographing Moonlight"

Katrina Brown

"Designing the Night with Light"

Pete Mauney

"Visualizing Human Networks at Night"

Harold Ross

"Light Painting the Still Life"