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Dirk Ercken

Photographer, Dirk Ercken Images

About this speaker

Dirk Ercken is a Belgian biologist, photographer and online photography teacher. He studied analog photography at the SLAC Art academy in Leuven.

Experimenting and always searching for new techniques and ways to look with the camera is one of the main characteristics in his photography. The results are often dreamy, painterly images, such as the macro flowers he shoots. Next to that he creates light paintings that seem to come straight out of a fairy-tale world. Just by using a single handheld flashlight he creates light compositions that would be impossible to achieve by any other technique: single- or multiple-exposure light paintings mostly lit from within the scene. 

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Light Painting from Within the Scene

February 05, 2023, 04:30 PM
Dirk Ercken