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Elia Locardi

World Travel Photographer



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About this speaker

Elia Locardi is an acclaimed world travel photographer, keynote speaker and experienced educator. He has developed a highly recognized style of photography that has been widely circulated in major publications including National Geographic, Elle and Travel + Leisure, and his work is frequently displayed in fine art galleries and venues all over the world. His passion for photography and education has led him to work in over 70 countries while collaborating with major companies, brands, countries and tourism initiatives worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience in photography, production and education, Elia has given more than 200 keynotes and lectures at venues including: Photokina, PhotoPlus Expo, InterBee, Visual Storytellers Conference, Adobe Max, Optic Imaging Conference, Fujifilm Festival, Gulf Photo Plus, HIPA Dubai, National Geographic Aveiro and Xposure International Photograph Festival, in addition to working with clients and companies including Instagram, Google, Fujifilm, Nikon, Adobe, Skylum, Wacom, CNet and DJI Global.


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