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Matt Hill

Partner, Instructor, National Parks at Night



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About this speaker

Matt Hill is an upstate New York-based photographer, artist and educator. His passion for night photography is eclipsed only by his urge to share this knowledge and to continue to hone his skills. He’s very forward about the fact that he rarely shoots photos during the day.

Matt is also a cut paper artist. Fascinated by the dilation of time and portraiture, he combines these crafts into projects that include paper fashions in long exposure portraits at night. His career is driven by a fascination with technology, business and art. He has edited a featured film, created stop-motion videos and hundreds of livestreams, built a few businesses, and has been a marketing director at two prestigious companies in the photo industry over a 25-year career.

All of these experiences inform his practice of night photography—the common thread woven throughout. Growing up in the Adirondacks infused a love for wilderness in Matt. He carried this through to being a partner at National Parks at Night, which brings together two of his favorite things. It also allows him to promote conservation of precious lands via making art. Exploring wild spaces with people who also care passionately about dark skies, rendering a vision of the night artfully and wilderness is a dream come true.


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