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Noel Thomas

Astro Timelapse Filmmaker, Majestic Flights

About this speaker

Noel Thomas is an award-winning time-lapse film photographer who specializes in the production of astro-landscape photography and nature time-lapse films from around the world. His work and interviews have been published on television and his astro nature films play currently on United Airlines flights.

He is a filmmaker for Nature Relaxation, for which he has released two astro time-lapse films exploring the night sky, as well as other nature and HDR films. He has also been teaching astro workshops on the west and east coasts for the last 3 years.

Noel lives in New Jersey and has degrees in applied mathematics from Johns Hopkins University. 

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How We Got the Shots: 5 Photographers, 5 Stories

January 28, 2023, 01:00 AM
Susan Magnano Kevin Adams Noel Thomas Katrina Brown Pete Mauney

Astro-Landscape Time-Lapse Techniques

February 05, 2023, 04:30 PM
Noel Thomas