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Noel Thomas

Astro-Landscape Time-Lapse Techniques

A Talk by Noel Thomas (Astro Timelapse Filmmaker, Majestic Flights)

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About this Talk

Learn how to compose, capture and post-process amazing time-lapses of the night sky, including of Milky Way, Orion and star trails.

In this presentation, Noel Thomas will discuss:

  · equipment

  · composition and tracking the Milky Way core

  · camera settings

  · time-lapse interval settings

  · LRTimelapse software

  · editing in Lightroom

  · enhancing the Milky Way core colors

  · pros and cons of using astro-modified cameras for time-lapse

  · star trail time-lapses and using StarStax

Noel will also work through some examples using LRTimelapse and Lightroom to teach how to develop a stunning time-lapse from start to finish.

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Noel Thomas

Noel Thomas

Astro Timelapse Filmmaker, Majestic Flights

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