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Art Suwansang

How to Choose, Use and Calibrate a Photography Display (sponsored by BenQ)

A Talk by Art Suwansang (Ambassador, Photographer, Color Management Expert, BenQ)

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About this Talk

In this presentation Art Suwansang will go over the various fundamentals and key elements that you should consider when selecting a photography display.

Numerous display types and varieties are available these days, and Art will break these down and compare them so that you can become aware of each’s capabilities and compromises. In addition, Art will discuss what “factory calibration” is and why you should consider custom calibrating your display.

You’ll also learn about different calibration devices and how to choose one, and you’ll get an overview of best practices and approaches to display calibration. This class is all about taking the guesswork out of image editing and color correction.

February 05, 2023, 05:45 PM

05:45 PM - 06:45 PM

About The Speaker

Art Suwansang

Art Suwansang

Ambassador, Photographer, Color Management Expert, BenQ