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Art Suwansang

Ambassador, Photographer, Color Management Expert, BenQ



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About this speaker

Art Suwansang is a wedding, events and architecture photographer based in Southern California. He runs a global technology consultation business with a specialization in creative workflow from computer configuration, setup and repairs to storage and data management, networking and color management. He has also taught and consulted for many colleges and universities both domestic and abroad.

Art’s ease in understanding complex technical challenges in technology, digital photography and color manipulation has put him in the forefront of color management. His partnership in the area of color expertise includes X-Rite, where he is one of their Coloratti, a color expert and influencer. Most prominently he is BenQ global ambassador and has been working closer with the company on their professional display lines for photographers and creatives. In addition, he is also a partner and influencer with Adobe Systems Incorporated.


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