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Michael Winfrey

Product Developer, Luxli

About this speaker

Michael Winfrey is the product developer for Luxli, a brand of professional RGB panel lights made in Norway.

Michael was born and raised in Texas, in a family of painters, illustrators, craftsman and photographers. He spent several years creating custom images for a wide variety of clients, then moved to New York to work on an MFA in photography. After completing graduate school he bounced around shooting everything from food, medical analysis, portraits, journalism, architecture, etc.

Along the way Michael learned a lot from some great people and has always wanted to give that back in some way. Today he uses his knowledge and experience as an image maker to develop lights for Luxli. 

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Landscape Lighting with LED Panels (sponsored by Luxli)

February 05, 2023, 07:30 PM
Michael Winfrey